About Us

Research, innovation and education – for many years now the Project Management Agency at German Aerospace Center (DLR) has enabled the successful completion of projects and funding measures on national and international levels. Our clients are ministries, associations, foundations, private enterprises as well as the European Commission. Our range of activities is multifaceted: For instance, we provide strategic and programmatic advice on conceptualizing and designing funding measures, supervise funding projects on a technical and administrative level and support bi- and multilateral cooperations worldwide. We possess in-depth knowledge of the state of science and education, research and development, and have several years of documented experience in the design, evaluation, supervision and financial management of projects. In addition, close collaboration with research institutions, specialist committees and experts from national and international professional circles is an important element of our activities.


Our Topics

Our management and consulting services encompass numerous sectors:
Education: Research and measures to improve educational practice lead to more equal opportunities, integration and new, comprehensive educational structures.
Health: Health research yields an increase in ground-breaking knowledge, paving the way for new opportunities for prevention and treatment.
Innovation: The ability to innovate and the rapid transfer of research results make a significant contribution to maintaining and increasing competitiveness.
International affairs: Cross-border cooperation is becoming increasingly important for research. Strategies and tools to enable this are fine-tuned on a regular basis.
Culture: It is essential to analyse social, economic and cultural structures as well as developments.
Key technologies: Information and communication technologies are among the most crucial drivers of economic growth and employment.
Environment: Research into climate protection and sustainability is imperative for our future.

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